Evaluation standard of protection performance

The protective performance of the movable barrier must be evaluated by real vehicle crash test results, and the evaluation standard shall be implemented according to the highway guardrail safety performance evaluation standard (JTG B05-01-2013):
1. The maximum acceleration in the three direction of the car body is less than or equal to 20g;
2. guardrail can effectively block the vehicle, and the vehicle oriented, prohibit any form of vehicle crossing, climbing, riding cross, down through the guardrail;
3. guardrail should have good guidance performance, after the collision of vehicles from the angle of departure should be less than 60% of the collision angle;
4. after the crash, the experimental vehicle should maintain normal driving posture, without cross turn or u-turn;
5. in the collision process, from the component, collision debris (guardrail fragments) or other barriers on the guardrail can not invade the cab and block the driver's line of sight;
6. transverse deformation, with reference to the central divider, guardrail settings, the provisions of not more than 1.5 meters;
7. opening convenience: 3 open personnel, 30 minutes to open;