Causes of quality problems of anti dazzle panel

   Many industry insiders reflect the antiglare plate in the practical application of the domestic highway, there are still many problems, such as common material properties standards, structure and installation is not reasonable, any deviation will affect the effect of the use of anti dazzle board.
   To cut corners - reflecting glass plate, due to unfair competition and price wars and other reasons, the raw material of anti dazzle board many manufacturers have changed, made of glass steel material SMC instead of original cheap materials BMC. BMC resin and glass fiber content is lower than SMC, the same size and thickness of glass steel anti glare board, BMC strength is much worse. For the anti dazzle board made of HDPE material, the main way to reduce the cost is to add calcium carbonate or recycled material to the masterbatch. However, the wind load strength of the anti dazzle board is greatly reduced when the filler is added. Some manufacturers use HDPE material blow molding anti glare board, and sometimes in the master batch to add up to 50% of the filler, this process produced anti dazzle plate, its performance can be imagined. Whether the anti dazzle board how to distinguish HDPE material molding containing filler, there is a simple way: the anti dazzle board leaning against the wall, by stepping on the anti dazzle board central anti dazzle board will be bending, and then take the antiglare plate carefully observed in the hand, no filler of anti dazzle board the deformation part will automatically restore the filler in the antiglare plate deformation part does not automatically restore the original, some even fracture.
   Design factors, raw materials, are only one factor that affects the performance of anti glare panels, and sometimes the problems are often at the source. Some of the design drawings will be made of anti glare plate cross-section structure, the anti glare plate produced after the wind resistance is obviously not enough. After a typhoon, most of them broke. The experimental results show that the wind load on the anti - S cross section anti - dazzle plate is four times of that of the plane structure with the same material and shape. The current in the field of traffic engineering, many designers of product features and performance of their choice is generally not understanding, not specifically research, cause some quality problems on the highway is hidden in the design stage, it should be worthy of all the design personnel serious reflection.
   For the detection of anti dazzle board, there is a kind of soil method, which can be detected on the spot. To 90 cm high, 20 cm wide anti glare plate, for example, the two sides with brick support, the middle station of a 60 kilograms of people, if the anti glare plate is not broken, then the anti glare board is qualified products.