Construction requirements of movable guardrail


1. plug type guardrail guardrail plate, by the reflector, embedded foundation etc., the guardrail plate composed of a straight pipe, elbow, column welded steel tubes. The length of the plug type movable guardrail should be between 2 and 2. 5m. The foundation can be made of pre embedded casing or pumping type column foundation, and the strength grade of foundation concrete shall not be less than C20. The top elevation of the base bushing of the plug type movable guardrail should be about 20mm higher than the road surface, and the concrete slope can be provided around the casing.

2. The filling type movable barrier is connected by a plurality of guardrail prefabricated blocks. The precast block of the guardrail can be made of plastic or glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the cross section can adopt the cross section type of F or single slope type concrete guardrail. The prefabricated block is hollow and can be filled with water or fine sand. The length of each prefabricated block of the movable movable guardrail shall not be less than 2m, and the entrance and the end of the prefabricated block block which is convenient for the guardrail block shall be provided.