Contour classification

1. Column silhouette
  The column form is made up of a cylinder and a reflecting material. The column has a rounded triangular cross section and the top inclined to the carriageway. Outline of the subject body is white, in the upper column should be 250mm long lap black marker, retroreflective material intermediate black marker with 180mm * 40MM, retroreflective material is difficult to fall. In recent years, the development of column profile is very large.
2. Cement column
  Early cylindrical substrate for cement prefabricated parts, the cost is cheap, but there are two major shortcomings: (a) when the vehicle hit, the vehicle has two greater damage; (b) color is not obvious, the reflector with the cement surface is not easy to adhere to.
3. Steel plate
  Column with steel plate, surface galvanized and painted, the reflector can be more convenient to column connection on the surface, but it has three major drawbacks: high cost, there are two problems, more easy to rust damage. In the industry standard JT/T-1999 published in 1999, the Ministry of transportation made it clear that column shaped columns should be made of synthetic resins. Synthetic resin materials include polyethylene, glass fiber reinforced plastics, polycarbonate resin, PVC resin and so on.
4. Handmade FRP materials
   In some places, using hand made glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) as a cylindrical base material can solve the problem of two damage. The process limits handmade glass steel, each product is different from the Handmade up, instability, uneven thickness, the formula is not stable, the severity is different, the intensity is very unstable.
5.PVC engineering plastics
   PVC engineering plastic base material is made of mechanical mould, with stable formula, uniform wall thickness, smooth surface, no aging and no two damage. The production speed is fast and the cost is low.
6. Elastic column profile
   Elastic material is applied to column outlines to solve the condition that the column outlines have been damaged or damaged. The base material of the elastic warning column adopts a high elasticity and weather resistant engineering plastic.
The column has two kinds of structure, (1) a small arc plate by the monolithic column contour standard, can withstand external shocks from one direction.  (2) it is a circular post type profile. The circular column can withstand shock from 360 degrees and different directions. Therefore, the range of its use is also different. An arc sheet post used for road edges. The circular column is used in the middle of the road, and can act as the separation of the motor vehicle and the motor vehicle.
7. Attached outline mark
   Attached type contour mark attached to the fence, the retroreflective material, bracket and connecting pieces, the retroreflective material is trapezoid shaped, fixed on the fence and the connecting bolt, by installing bracket, retroreflective surface and the vertical center of road. The characteristics of the attachment type contour mark (1), diversity, (2), and bad.
   Diversity means that products are becoming more and more harmonious with protected objects. For example, a trapezoidal profile attached to the beam central standard, is attached to the top of the wave beam for 100 contour standard waveforms are used to connect them with the screws on the wave beam. Without further drilling. And a rectangular outline attached to the New Jersey barrier. They are more harmonious.
   Bad security refers to the elastic material as substrate. When the reflector is impacted, the support will deform and the stent will return to its original position when the external force disappears. In order to achieve the purpose of protection. Prevent people from becoming curious and destructive.