Xi'an special rectification parking order

   The special rectification action from August until the end of December. I will be on the existing road and parking lot parking spaces (including sidewalks) re approval, in the city's existing parking to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation, to review the record of the basis, in accordance with the "four unified" standard setting. Namely: unified number, unified signs, unified publicity, unified marking. And with red green and white color respectively on the one or two, three kinds of special roads and parking area to distinguish delimit (all spaces unified delimit the direction of the arrow on the arrow is not in accordance with the parking behavior shall be punished), set up publicity card charges, illegal parking lot.
   At the same time, will focus on the occupation of bus lanes, bus stops, crossroads, fire hydrants, blind, underground parking lot entrances and other illegal parking behavior, drag or lock the car parking lane shall be implemented strictly and severely punished.
   Road marking will be fully implemented, all parking vehicles are prohibited within the sidewalk markings, and will remove all roadblocks along the sidewalk along the street. On the north and south street sidewalk parking, and according to the situation on the main road of the city gradually promotion.
   For the built commercial and residential areas, because of the lack of parking lots or the lack of open parking lots, the problem of parking lots of cars and doorways has been put into practice.
   The city will adhere to the principle of "letting the government benefit more", and maximize the excavation and revitalize the city's parking resources, and encourage the units and communities along the street to open the parking lot to promote the settlement of parking problems.
   In addition, the toll charges, pre charge, money and other acts of fake tickets, murdered tear and severely punish offenders, to resolutely dismissed. As soon as possible to stop artificial charges, in the main city to achieve POS charging model.